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PART IV: The Newton Community on the Internet

A) Discussion and newsgroups

1) What Newton newsgroups are there?

a) International Newsgroups

The comp.sys.newton.* hierarchy:

b) A German-language newsgroup


c) How do I search newsgroups for specific information?

We suggest a google groups advanced search:

2) What mailing lists are there?

There are several general mailing lists available:

3) Where can I find Newton user groups?

[Sources: TON at:, Info-Newt's NUGs at ]

Paul Filmer maintains a list of the active Newton user groups meetings on his Dedicated MP2100 NewtonOS Server (if the link doesn't work, try to see if Paul's Newton is online by visiting Matt's NPDS Tracker where Paul usually registers his Newton.

4) Newton discussion forums on the Internet

There are several forums:

B) Sites of general interest

1) Is there a list of Newton related sites, or a ring?

Yes, there is the Apple Newton Webring:

Some sites also maintains a list of links such as:

2) Is there a Newton equivalent of Version Tracker?

Yes, you can go to Newton Versions by the Danish Newton User Group:

While they don't have software on their site, it's an up-to-date database listing and providing links to all known Newton software. (cf Part V for where to find Newton software)

3) Are there e-zines and daily (or regular) internet resources for the Newton?

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